Announcing NewYorkSCAPE, a working group dedicated to exploring the relationship between literature and space in New York City.

  • How might spatial practices and concepts suggest new modes of literary inquiry?
  • In what ways can digital technologies help us identify and understand intersections between city space and cultural production?

Evoking landscape, streetscape, and cityscape, NewYorkSCAPE explores both lived visual experiences of the city and representations of those experiences in literature, geography, and digital environments. Through skill-based workshops on digital mapping along with presentations and discussion about our learning process and model applications, we will investigate New York City’s literary history in relation to topics such as visuality and the built environment, examine the unique promises and challenges of the spatial humanities, and develop a collaborative project that will define and implement a meaningful digital expression of New York literature and space.

This fall, we will be hosting lab-workshops to develop expertise in spatial mapping and visualization programs, including ArcGIS, Google Earth, Google Sketch-Up, and Neatline, as well as discussion-based events to address the potential of spatial humanities methods for reconceptualizing literary and cultural studies. We hope the group will represent a variety of historical periods and disciplinary approaches. Please consider joining us if any of the following interests you:

  • Engaging with projects that investigate the relationship between culture and space in New York City
  • Exploring the possibilities of spatial humanities as a research mode
  • Experimenting and developing technological skills in a variety of visualization and geo-temporal mapping programs
  • Gaining experience in developing digital content


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